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Highlights from Anaplan Hub 2013: Keynote Speech

Anaplan Hub 2013 – Fred Laluyaux
Highlights from the Keynote: To see you all here is both humbling, reassuring, and very engaging for us. So I thank you again for attending our first event. We have more than 400 who registered to attend, and I don’t know how many of you are in the room but it’s a big number. As Simon, said this conference is really about you who share our vision and our passion for a new breed of enterprise software that’s immediate, that’s powerful, that’s connected, and that’s fundamentally engaging.

Complex CELLCO Completes Totally Self-Sufficient Build of Enterprise-Wide Forecasting Solution

2degrees is New Zealand’s fastest growing mobile phone network. To date, they provide affordable mobile phone service to over one million new customers – or in other words, about a quarter of the country’s population.When Andrew Paston joined 2degrees as the FP&A Manager in 2011, he embarked on a search for a platform that would… read more →

Aberdeen and Anaplan Offer Webinar on How to Achieve Data-Driven Sales

Anaplan, a provider of cloud modeling and planning solutions for sales, operations and finance, is teaming with McAfee to offer a webinar on Wednesday, February 27. The session will educate sales and finance executives and operations managers on how to use sales planning technology to drive higher sales performance.Bryan Bayless, Vice President, GTM Finance at McAfee,… read more →

Anaplan Case Study: Central European Media Enterprises (CME) Implements Transparent Top-to-Bottom Forecast Process in Record Time

CME is a leading media and entertainment company that serves approximately 50 million people in six Central and Eastern European markets. The task of creating a comprehensive and transparent forecast across three divisions, six regions, and dozens of locally managed teams is a highly complex operations that required a 15-strong team of dedicated power analysts.The… read more →