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Feeling the cold, and the gratitude

I awoke with one thought: cold. I was shivering severely despite the many layers of clothing I already had on. I clambered, in my small pile of possessions, to find anything extra that I could wear, only to find a single jumper was all the extra clothing that remained. I knew it would not do… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Bhavik Vashi

Back in early 2014—in only his second month at Anaplan—Bhavik Vashi was a bit shocked to find himself in the company boardroom, presenting planning models to the company’s C-level executives. “In that moment, I realized that I made the right decision to join this company,” he said. “And I promised myself that I would always… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Drew Brieman

From his small-town roots in rural Wisconsin, to working in London in his 20s, to a career in technology sales in the American South today, Anaplan Strategic Account Executive Drew Brieman has cultivated a curious mind and broad interests that help him connect with customers in the Atlanta, Georgia, region. “I’m an introvert by nature,… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Hanyul Lee

Anaplan Strategic Account Executive Hanyul Lee loves making lists. Whether it’s a music playlist for a party, a list of tasks for the week ahead, or a list of fun places to take his daughter Maya, his life is ruled by lists. Fortunately, he found a spot on his to-do list—somewhere after “run a half… read more →

People of Anaplan: Zane Koeller

¿Habla español? Anaplan’s Zane Koeller does—and is “this close” to being fluent. Zane picked up his language skills when he studied abroad for six months in Madrid, where he also ate a lot of tapas and played lacrosse for the Spanish National Team. Now that he has joined Anaplan as a Solutions Consultant on the… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Jun Nakata

Work-style reform is a hot topic in Japan as the country attempts to grow its economy with limited resources. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has appointed a cabinet minister to study the issue, and Japanese companies are looking for creative ways to cope with a shrinking labor force and an aging population. To Jun Nakata, Anaplan’s… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Subrata Chakrabarti

From the stark, frozen landscape of Svalbard, Norway, to the clouds 20,000 feet above the Himalayas, Subrata Chakrabarti has seen it all. Subrata, VP of Product Marketing for the Anaplan platform, has run, hiked, and skied in 46 countries so far, and has no plans to stop. “I love exploring and traveling,” he says. “In… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Rachelle de Luna

Singapore is widely considered the most walkable city in Asia, and Rachelle de Luna takes good advantage of that fact. When she’s not working as an Inside Sales Lead for Anaplan, she walks the city she calls home—or heads to Malaysia to hike the mountains, visit waterfalls, go spelunking, or do anything that gets her… read more →

People of Anaplan: Meet Gudrun Schütz

Curious about the people behind the Anaplan logo? Presenting the People of Anaplan series, which shines a spotlight on our employees around the world. Learn about their interests and hobbies, what makes them tick, and how they help make Anaplan the leading planning and performance management platform for smart businesses. Are you an oenophile? No… read more →