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Scenario planning as a virtual reality experience

The virtual reality industry reportedly crushed third-quarter records. Exceeding quarterly shipments of more than one million units, virtual reality headsets are continuing on a trajectory of increasing popularity and widening acceptance.What’s more, this simulation technology attracts the curious beyond self-professed tech geeks and basement-dwelling video game enthusiasts. A Bloomberg View article recently explored virtual reality’s… read more →

Finance turns the page to integrated business planning

A recent webinar panel moderated by Joe Fleischer, Editorial Director of the Finance Channel Argyle Executive Forum, explored topical questions from top organizations around the adoption and implementation of integrated business planning (IBP) in today’s evolving operating environments.The webinar—which is available on demand and titled “The CFO playbook on integrated business planning: Why finance… read more →

End-of-year planning? End the madness

For many FP&A teams, the year-end brings more than renewed anticipation for resolutions and fresh starts. It brings a sense of dread. This is especially true for finance teams whose annual enterprise planning and budgeting process includes double-digit revisions to manual, Excel®-based budget templates.While different departments manage specific areas within the company-wide process, the FP&A… read more →

Lionpoint Group helps private equity firms and investors with modeling and analysis of investment funds and portfolio management

Henri Wajsblat, Anaplan’s Head of Financial Services Solutions, interviewed Anaplan partner and Lionpoint Group Managing Director Jonathan Balkin about how new technology solutions can help the private equity sector improve fund of funds (FoF) portfolio management.Lionpoint Group recently released a Private Equity Portfolio Monitoring – Fund of Funds app on the Anaplan App Hub. Can… read more →

Why CFOs are moving forward and leaving Excel behind

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently published an article that explored a compelling opportunity in corporate financial planning. With firsthand insight gleaned from finance chiefs from a variety of industries, the article—titled “Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staffs”—delved into some of the reasons why CFOs are directing their teams to leave spreadsheets behind in… read more →

Driving ahead with enterprise performance management

Similar to any journey, the path to financial and operational excellence can often include steep twists and sharp turns. For FP&A teams, this includes navigation through fluctuating customer demands and mounting market volatility. Successful navigation also means that today’s FP&A teams have to anticipate performance gaps and drill down into root causes, collaborate strategically with… read more →

For the annual budget, evolution is imminent

Financial professionals recently gathered at the annual Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Treasury and Finance Conference in San Diego. The three-day conference featured sponsors and guest speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries, and attracted more than 6,000 attendees.The conference sessions challenged the status quo by showing how companies can bid adieu to traditional budgeting processes… read more →