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operational planning and budgeting

Airlines optimize operational efficiency and increase the speed and precision of their planning and budgeting with Anaplan

Anyone with a desire to visit the UK should seriously think about going now. Why? Before June 23, 2016, USD$100 would have bought you just over UK£68. Then UK citizens voted on whether to leave the European Union (#Brexit), and the pound sterling dropped precipitously—as of this writing, you’ll get only £75 for USD$100—giving you… read more →


Insight from the CFO Argyle Forum: Mission critical planning processes still held hostage in spreadsheets

Over 80 percent of finance leaders still rely on 10 or more spreadsheets to support their mission critical planning processes. That’s the astonishing feedback Anaplan received when this question was posed to an audience of over 100 finance leaders at the Chief Financial Leadership Office Forum in Los Angeles, CA, a few weeks ago—see the… read more →


Remove the risk of missing top-line growth with better revenue planning

Revenue planning is business critical – investors and analysts expect you to deliver sustainable growth without surprises (and will reward you handsomely with increases in your stock price). That’s because surprises of any kind—good or bad—imply that the business does not have a firm grasp of its market and that its revenue forecasting processes leave… read more →


Trending in corporate finance: McKinsey discovers that companies actively reallocating resources deliver 30% higher shareholder returns

Research by McKinsey found that, on average, companies allocate 90 percent or more of their resources to the same projects and activities year after year. This happens regardless of market changes, what competitors are doing, or how corporate strategies are evolving. This common allocation approach is a classic example of planning short-sightedness, which is best… read more →


Taking financial planning from complex to complete

This blog recaps key highlights from the webinar, “Take your financial planning from complex to complete,” featuring Accenture and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.If you work in Finance, you likely know that while your colleagues still expect you to keep a tight handle on costs, they also look to you to help them cope with the increasing volatility… read more →