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4 components of a workforce plan for temporary employees

In the past few years, contingent workforces have been growing at increasingly rapid rates. According to Deloitte, some companies are spending up to 30 percent of procurement dollars on contingent workers. These outsourced labor sources provide increased flexibility for many organizations. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “In the $75 Billion Videogame Industry,… read more →

With the right data and analytical capabilities, organizations can increase productivity and revenue by lowering turnover and hire the right people from the very beginning.

Human capital trends series featuring research from Deloitte—Part 3: People analytics

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of behavioral science applied to the HR landscape, under the label of data analytics or people analytics. Data analytics in the workplace studies what incentives or processes, for example, drive someone to decide to join a company or existing employees to stay. Additionally, with technology helping to “blur… read more →

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Part 2: How U.S. CEOs plan to use technology to beat the competition: Based on PwC’s annual CEO survey

PwC’s recently published Annual CEO Survey shows that to gain a competitive advantage, the majority of business leaders plan to use technology to provide a better customer experience. They also plan to improve operational processes so their businesses are more agile and responsive. In this second part of the series, we look at how U.S…. read more →

Human Capital Trends series featuring research from Deloitte– Part 1: Organizational design

Workforce planning and analytics have gained increasing importance in recent years, and that fact has not escaped the notice of business leaders. Deloitte recently released its fourth annual “Global Human Capital Trends” report, which summarizes over 7,000 responses to a survey conducted in over 130 countries globally. Organization design trends: Dynamic networks of highly empowered… read more →

How to save on payroll costs: Key insights from a workforce planning expert

The power, flexibility, and speed of building models on the Anaplan platform makes it particularly attractive to consulting organizations that want to quickly build apps, and easily embed proven, best-practice methodologies. Many of these organizations attended Hub16, including Workforce Insight, experts in workforce planning and labor optimization. The firm helps global companies, including more than… read more →