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Marketing attribution explained in 2017

In our recent Marketing Monday video series, we covered a topic that is challenging modern marketers, which is marketing attribution. In this blog, I’ll provide guidance on what attribution is, why it’s important, and where you can get started.What is marketing attribution?Marketing attribution is the process measurement of the value of each touchpoint in a… read more →

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Anaplan’s marketing team streamlines alignment with sales op using Anaplan

Unlike the old days where fishermen acted as both marketing and sales (they advertised by yelling their catch of the day at passersby, and then wrapped the fish up streetside)—today aligning marketing activities and sales objectives has been an ongoing challenge.Anaplan has overcome this hurdle internally by implementing its own platform to align with sales… read more →

Marketing operational excellence series: Measurement

“What get measured, gets done.” This maxim, attributed to Peter Drucker, famous management consultant, educator, and author, repeatedly holds true in achieving success in business. In our fourth installment of this five-part operational excellence series, we will look at the measurement of your campaign: Do you have the right success metrics and realistic goals in… read more →

Marketing operational excellence: Production

In our previous post, we discussed the virtues of building a better upfront planning process to deliver results. Now, we’ll take it a level deeper and look at the campaign production process in detail, from briefing to final approval.Campaign production includes copy creation, channel selection, and audience segmentation. Each of these components is critical to… read more →

Marketing operational excellence: Planning

Marketing planning never stops—it starts with planning for the year ahead, then planning the big initiatives, then planning the next quarter or month, and, finally, planning each campaign and tactic. The challenges presented to the marketing department by the complexities of this process are monumental. Allocating the top-down view and aggregating the bottom-up view from… read more →

Characteristics of the transformative CMO

Last week, Forbes Insights hosted a webinar titled, “The Transformative CMO,” moderated by Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer from Forbes Media, and guest speaker Kim Whitler, an Assistant Professor at Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. They discussed trends currently influencing the role of the CMO, the challenges and opportunities these leaders… read more →