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Anaplan Announcement

Following on from the appointments of a CFO and CRO with experience building multi-billion dollar companies, Anaplan has initiated a search for a new CEO. Having delivered another first quarter record in bookings, the board has thanked Frederic Laluyaux for his success in building a great company that continues to grow at tremendous pace. We… read more →

Staying in style: how technology and fashion intersect

With fashion week recently wrapping after making a tour through New York, London, Milan, and Paris, the worlds of fashion and IT collided like never before.Although most people would be hard pushed to think of two more disparate topics than the worlds of high fashion and enterprise IT, these seemingly antithetical industries have some surprising… read more →

Startups to watch: the international scene

Business planning doesn’t discriminate against time zones—it never stops. As a disrupter with 13 global offices, Anaplan is continuing to capitalize on its global DNA to help enterprise customers plan their businesses across dozens of industries around the world. Silicon Valley tech blog, The Information, has taken note by including Anaplan on a list of… read more →

Anaplan a two-time visionary—for CPM and SPM—in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

You know it’s good to be a “Visionary” in a Gartner Magic Quadrant. It’s even better when you’re a Visionary in two of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants.That’s what has already happened this year: Gartner labeled Anaplan a “Visionary” in their Magic Quadrant reports for both corporate performance management (CPM) and sales performance management (SPM).So maybe you’re… read more →

Innovation Enterprise Group awards Anaplan best FP&A technology tool

Innovation Enterprise (ie) Group invited finance professionals to attend two days of cutting-edge finance learning and expert-led workshops at the Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation Summit in San Diego earlier this month.Leading speakers from Fortune 500 companies covered the hottest topics in the industry including rolling forecasts, long term FP&A, financial transformation, financial control, and… read more →