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The 4 essentials of choosing the right technology

Digital businesses rely on technology, but the abundance of choice and the fear of choosing the “wrong” tools can lead businesses to miss out on business opportunity. Everyone has read stories about technology decisions that resulted in wasted budgets, failed deployments, and disastrous business impacts—with thousands of blog posts and column inches being devoted to… read more →

Disparate or desperate? Transform the accuracy of your data and plans

No matter the size of company or the industry, business transformation is inevitable. Shifting market trends and demands will require agility and the ability to plan in real-time. Only the quickest to adapt will thrive. This is especially true in the retail space.As part of their business transformation initiative, one of Australia’s largest retailers aimed… read more →

Workforce Planning

In most companies, headcount is the largest element of controllable cost typically accounting for 35-40% of total expenditure. As such, managing it tightly is essential if an organization is to hit its targets. As companies increasingly use a mix of full and part time employees and contractors to keep their workforce adaptable and aligned with… read more →

HUB 2014 Recap: Strategic Workforce Planning

Anaplan’s Head of Talent, Amelia Generalis, shared the stage with Workforce Insights’ Mike Emsley, GM & EVP, Manufacturing, Public Sector, & Services in one of the most buzzed about sessions at the event, Strategic Workforce Planning: Right Headcount, Optimized Spend, Accurate Projections. They kicked off the planning session with the provocative question: “What are minutes… read more →

Hub2014 Speaker Series: Workforce Insights

Anaplan’s customer conference HUB 2014 is approximately 13 days away, and we have a stellar line-up of speakers spanning Anaplan customers, partners, and industry experts.Today, we’d like to announce one of our Operations track speakers: Mike Emsley, GM & EVP, Manufacturing, Public Sector, & Services, Workforce Insight.On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Mike will discuss the… read more →