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The ultimate win-win: integrating sales and finance

In any organization, salespeople are going to do what they do best—make money. But on their way to meeting quota, are they taking the company with them? Or are they leaving the company’s business priorities behind in the wake of their personal success?Companies invest a considerable amount in their sales organizations. In fact, according to… read more →

An accurate sales forecast improves incentive compensation design

Incentive compensation design: Factoring forecast accuracy into your plans

Have you considered how your incentive compensation plans can improve sales forecast accuracy? Probably not. By most accounts, it’s not a good idea to include sales forecasting as an incentive measure. After all, it’s management’s responsibility to ensure that sales reps are updating the sales pipeline and accurately reporting their sales forecast each period.However, consider… read more →


The variable compensation disconnects: Why your sales reps might be feeling shortchanged

Variable compensation programs are an essential tool for managing sales organizations and rewarding great sales rep performance. But variable compensation—when done correctly—is inherently complicated, and there sometimes can be a disconnect between the way compensation is assigned and the “rules” that reps must follow to earn their variable compensation. For example, many organizations use multiple… read more →


Increase sales projections by investing in a Sales Performance Management platform that compliments your CRM data

Did you know, according to Insight Squared, companies using sales performance management (SPM) techniques see up to 81 percent of their sales reps meet their quotas? Every business wants a high-performing sales team. But how do you make that aspiration a reality? For many sales managers, that’s the million-dollar question. The secret lies in SPM—a… read more →


Tyco drives growth and efficiency through a global sales compensation platform

In its 50-plus locations around the globe, Tyco had more than 300 sales compensation plans for over 7,000 sales reps. Compensation is calculated on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis across disparate systems for a multitude of verticals and products. With this complexity, Tyco realized that a better process, specifically a centralized cloud-based system, was… read more →


3 benefits of moving your territory and quota management process off of spreadsheets

Planning sales territories and quotas is, in theory, simple: Put the right reps on the right accounts with the right targets. However, achieving it requires you to consolidate disparate sets data and actively collaborate with frontline sales—two things that are extremely difficult with a spreadsheet-based process.According to SiriusDecisions, 38% of companies reported having a lack… read more →


Optimizing variable compensation takes the right technology—not a web of spreadsheets

Does your incentive compensation program have the appropriate level of complexity and the right tools to optimize sales performance? Setting incentive compensation is one of the most complex aspects of managing a sales organization. With the risk of over- incentivizing reps and paying them too much or the counter—paying too little and managing rep disengagement,… read more →


Two sales planning tactics that can differentiate the average organizations from the high-performers

The Sales Management Association (SMA), in partnership with Anaplan, have published a new research report on sales planning best practices of high-performing sales organizations. Let’s take a closer look at the various sales planning activities that need to happen at regular intervals throughout the business cycle, so that sales leaders, like yourself, can determine key… read more →