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5 strategies of highly successful sales organizations

Achieving a strong sales edge is anchored in five key areas, according to a new report by McKinsey & Company. Here´s an overview of the five things fast-growing companies prioritize to outpace the competition: 1. Focus on the future and commit to opportunities. Find the challenges and growth opportunities in the macro environment, then determine—and… read more →

Why you should move your territory management and sales capacity planning to the cloud

In part two of Anaplan’s five-part webinar series with the Sales Management Association, Kyle Welling, Solution Architect at OpenSymmetry, joins Rowan Tonkin, Head of Sales and Marketing Solutions at Anaplan, to talk about why and how organizations should transition their territory management and sales capacity planning to the cloud. Currently, it’s the end of the… read more →

Best practices for account segmentation and scoring

In a recent webinar with the Sales Management Association, Rowan Tonkin and I shared some best practices for effective account segmentation and scoring, and how to integrate territory and quota planning, and incentive compensation design. When done accurately, these processes can drive sales revenue by helping to more accurately determine account and market growth potential…. read more →

Aligning sales processes to business systems to optimize sales performance

Tips for aligning business processes and systems to support an accurate quota and compensation structure

Misalignment in business processes and systems after an acquisition is expected. Efficiently aligning with the parent company as quickly as possible is key to success, but this period of change is also an opportunity to make major changes or enhancements such as eliminating siloed information and improving collaboration between departments—especially with the sales force. Implementing… read more →

Sales Forecasting

Webinar recap: Lexmark masters global sales forecasting using Salesforce data within Anaplan

With today’s fast-changing market, it is more important than ever to have the right business strategy aligned across departments—and one that can be course-corrected on-the-fly. Doing so starts with a business plan that’s aligned to the sales strategy. Additionally, sales and operations need access to real-time data in order to quickly respond to sudden shifts… read more →

Critical questions for the sales compensation planning roadmap

In our previous post, we discussed the ultimate “win-win” of integrating sales and finance for revenue alignment within your organization. However, it is no small challenge to develop a comprehensive, strategic vision for sales compensation planning, which requires an overarching roadmap touching multiple departments, including finance, HR, sales compensation, sales operations, and IT. As corporations… read more →

Webinar series covering each aspect of the sales planning process

Tactical tips to eliminate point solutions and spreadsheets within your sales planning process

Well-designed, accurate, and fair sales targets are hard to achieve. Many factors may hinder sales from accomplishing them, including internal politics, opinionated sales reps, inaccurate data (or lack thereof), and siloed or incomplete current and historical information. Many sales organizations manage each aspect of the sales process across separate point solutions, legacy sale software, and/or… read more →

VMware transforms its business modeling and sales planning

VMware enhances sales productivity using five Anaplan implementation best practices

VMware’s Awinash Sinha, Director of IT, and Sri Vellimedu, Director of Business Transformation, joined us on stage last month at our Hub16 conference to discuss lessons learned from the Anaplan implementation and deployment across the company’s global sales organization. Prior to Anaplan, VMware was trying to reconcile multiple, inconsistent data sources across Excel and inflexible… read more →

Research reveals—sales compensation plans don’t provide the complexity or detail needed to compete

In a recently concluded webinar, Bob Kelly, Chairman of The Sales Management Association (SMA), presented initial findings from a recent survey on sales compensation management. Scott Sands, National Practice Leader, Sales Force Effectiveness at Aon Hewitt, and Rowan Tonkin, Practice Lead, Sales and Marketing Applications at Anaplan provided additional commentary on the data and offered… read more →