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5 truths of sales compensation

As the vice president of the Alexander Group, a revenue growth consulting firm that designs more than 100 major sales compensation projects a year, and best-selling author, David Cichelli knows firsthand how essential it is for sales leaders to truly understand how sales compensation plans work—especially since about one-third of companies are unhappy with their… read more →

Sales operations: Finding ways to work smarter

In a recent webinar, Dana Therrien, Service Director for Sales Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions, shared a fresh way to look at the tactical and strategic accountabilities of modern sales operations and how to use that knowledge to create a strategy for optimizing resource allocation. Read the recap below, or watch the on-demand recording.Rethinking sales operationsSales… read more →

Exploring cost scenarios of sales compensation plans

This story was originally posted on the Intangent blog as Three levels of maturity for sales compensation plan cost modeling.Incentive compensation plan changes are a reality that organizations face every year. Sometimes plan changes are structurally significant and made in response to exciting new business initiatives. In other cases, these changes are mere tweaks to… read more →

sales forecasting

DocuSign enhances its sales forecasting by defining and setting automated KPIs in Anaplan

As the Sales Performance Intelligence Manager at DocuSign, I’m responsible for providing our sales leaders the insights they need to effectively manage their businesses. I’m also responsible for providing our stakeholders in other areas of the business with a clean, easily digestible, and accurate sales forecast. Anaplan has enabled me to empower our sales leaders… read more →

3 tips for launching your B2B sales analytics program

Companies today are using B2B sales analytics in new and valuable ways. As a strategic consultant to many B2B businesses worldwide, Periscope by McKinsey has seen firsthand how new analytics tools, strategies, and best practices help such businesses achieve and advance their sales revenue goals. By looking at the experiences of others, organizations just beginning… read more →

Intuitive Surgical simplifies complex sales compensation management using the Anaplan platform

Companies today struggle to establish and maintain effective sales compensation programs. One survey by the Alexander Group found that only 20 percent of companies have complete alignment between sales compensation and company objectives. So when a company manages sales compensation well, people sit up and listen. Intuitive Surgical, a U.S. manufacturer of robotic surgical systems… read more →

Four pillars of successful sales operations

After many years working in sales—starting as a rookie sales rep for SAP, then helping start Ariba before joining Anaplan in 2016—I’ve seen the critical role that sales operations plays in a company’s success. So while it isn’t glamorous, the behind-the-curtain work of sales ops is key, especially when scaling from a couple of sales… read more →

Keys to success in sales forecasting

In part three of Anaplan’s five-part webinar series with the Sales Management Association, Brandon Kulik, national leader for Deloitte’s sales force effectiveness practice, joins Rowan Tonkin, Anaplan’s Head of Sales and Marketing Solutions, to talk about the importance of creating a comprehensive approach to sales forecasting. William Shakespeare once wrote “It is not in the… read more →