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A new chain link: connecting supply chain and finance

The planning process for supply chains spans myriad and diverse touchpoints. From factories to suppliers, distributors to vendors, and everything that falls in between, a multitude of elements need to be considered for optimal forecasting and business planning.For supply chains, an even greater opportunity is waiting in the wings—the adoption of a more holistic business… read more →

A thriving supply chain needs a shared forecast

The modern supply chain is filled with a plethora of planning points: factories, suppliers, distributors, vendors, and beyond. As companies grow, increased complexity means more planning points that can intensify the risk of siloes, data issues, and manual re-planning. How do you keep key elements of your supply chain planning process connected so forecasts are… read more →

5 steps to connected supply chain planning

Supply chain planning has changed quite a bit since its early days. Years ago, companies primarily used enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for collaboration and data tracking across the entire business. Today, many companies do their planning with a mix of spreadsheets and ERP systems. Those options work for business planning—but only up to a… read more →

Leading the way into the future of supply chain

Supply chain leaders from around the world gathered to discuss the transformative future of supply chain management at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. The conference centered around the theme: “Aspire, Challenge, and Transform in a Disruptive World.”The idea of the “connected enterprise” rang throughout the conference as supply chain leaders discussed how… read more →