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Anaplan for Retail: Smart innovations. Smart connections. Smart solutions.

With the growth of e-commerce and rapid shifts in consumer behavior, retailers that can meet consumer demand via multiple channels (such as the right product mix and shopper centricity) have reaped large benefits. Nowadays, retail planning isn’t just about top-down merchandising or bottom-up assortment configuration. It also isn’t just about store planning and shelf-life planning. Today,… read more →

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Pricing optimization and planning in retail and CPG needs the right technology

Ideally, strategic pricing should be an integral part of supply chain planning. However, we continue to see supply chains be completely blindsided by changes in pricing—and the impact of these changes, both positive and negative, on demand and production. In this blog, I’ll discuss the challenges and solutions around pricing optimization and planning to help… read more →

The Smart Business Platform improves Del Monte’s planning processes, better aligning finance and supply chain

Companies in the food and beverage industry face unique challenges in overseeing the production and distribution of these perishable consumer goods. Those challenges include creating a production schedule for an unpredictable harvest and the timely delivery of goods to areas of highest demand. To address these challenges, companies need an efficient, reliable system for planning… read more →