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Anaplan Announcement

Following on from the appointments of a CFO and CRO with experience building multi-billion dollar companies, Anaplan has initiated a search for a new CEO. Having delivered another first quarter record in bookings, the board has thanked Frederic Laluyaux for his success in building a great company that continues to grow at tremendous pace. We… read more →

Anaplan’s CPO and CMO discuss the innovation of Anaplan in 2015 and beyond

With five major product releases that included many exciting innovations and enhancements for customers, 2015 was a huge year for Anaplan development. In the 2015 Year in Review video series, Anaplan’s Chief Product Officer, Simon Tucker, and Chief Marketing Officer, Grant Halloran, discuss innovations in five key areas: Anaplan’s apps, user experience, security, performance, and integration.Planning… read more →