Change the world: Build the next planning cloud with your consultative approach

Build the next planning cloud with your consultative approach

Have you ever wondered why management consultants are so successful in almost every role they’ve ever had?

I’ve noticed that consultants are extraordinarily bright, self-driven, and motivated. Problem-solving on their feet, they have a natural curiosity to probe and ask the right questions. By nature, consultants are fast moving, eager to adapt, results-hungry professionals.

This is also why, at a certain point in time, consultants make decisions that impact their careers. Do they stay with their current consulting company or take on a different role to make an impact within an industry?

Have you ever been given feedback that you’re bright, self-driven, and that you get things done with people? These traits embody what we do at Anaplan. In fact, we’ve had several former consultants make that leap to explore their possibilities. If you’re eager to make a noteworthy business impact with a more hands-on role in building a company, then read on.

I’m excited to share three reasons why this place could be your next career move. If you feel like this sounds like you, I’d love to continue the conversation.

  1. Discover a newfound way to put your brain and consulting skills into action

Consultants typically look to other opportunities in industry companies in order to accelerate and have a greater impact. Are you able to interact with clients and articulate how they want to do things? Can you communicate in a concise and clear manner? This consultative approach and style is the crux and core of what we do at Anaplan. We’re seeking people that want to accelerate their skill sets.

  1. Solve the world’s largest business problems with Anaplan

We grow everyday. Why? It’s because we’re facing things we haven’t done before. We’re solving the world’s most complex problems and that’s why we need your help. As a consultant, you have the ability to analyze massive amounts of data and boil it down into simplified communication. You understand business processes from end to end and the impacts of strategic decisions. We deliver a cloud-based platform that provides organizations with unparalleled speed and transparency. You can help us empower companies to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

  1. Anaplan is the entry point to your career acceleration

At Anaplan, we partner with top-tier consultancies to implement our platform. Traditionally these firms provide invaluable training and resources, and enable employees with one very clear track— the road to becoming a partner. What about a more creative option? Join a tech startup that is reinventing the wheel. Anaplan has many entry points and many assignments so that your career’s destiny is up to you.

How Anaplan can accelerate your career

So what can Anaplan do for you? The possibilities are limitless. See for yourself; meet your team:

“I joined Anaplan after three years at a top-tier consulting firm. What inspired me to make the move to Anaplan was to help customers with so many pain points I kept observing in the field. Lack of organized data and planning tools were holding top executives back from reaching their goals. It is truly exciting to be part of such a brilliant solution that helps our customers be successful.” – India Mullady, Solutions Architect

“Prior to Anaplan, I was working with the financial services audit group at one of the big four accounting firms. Coming from an excel-heavy workplace where we were tasked with highly repetitive modeling and analysis, I think the value proposition really resonated with me. I enjoy my role at Anaplan as I am able to see a project through from start to finish – taking a design and transforming it into an architecture that redefines inefficient business processes and revamps the manner in which a company operates.” – Bhavik Amit Vashi, Model Builder

“I joined Anaplan for two reasons: 1.) The culture. Everyone I met during the interview process blew me away with their professionalism, friendliness, and passion for their work. 2.) The product. It’s sleek and stylish, yet still a flexible and powerful modeling platform at its core. After receiving a product demo, I quickly came to believe I was looking at the single best enterprise-level modeling platform on the market.” – Connor O’Brien, Solutions Consultant

As a consultant, you have the opportunity to change the world. We challenge you to bring your big brain over to Anaplan and discover your unknown possibilities. Check out our careers page to learn more.

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