COCO & That Old Tweed jacket

I recently did a post that discussed how Anaplan has redefined Business Intelligence, (

I also went on to say in that post that anyone can make the claim they have redefined Business Intelligence, but it’s not just about technology. It’s about how you come to market and deliver the Platform to the client. Now that’s redefined.

So I thought it was relevant to do a comparison to see just how different our business model is to the existing stack of vendors out there.

So, here’s my assessment of what Anaplan brings to market compared to the others.

Anaplan brings … The Others bring … We say …
Unlimited users Per user pricing Ouch – how is that sharing and collaboration? That’s stopping ‘data democracy’ in it’s tracks before it’s even got to the gate.
Fast start – get your cloud in seconds, your model in minutes, your implementation in days Some cloud BI solutions let you access the cloud quickly, but after that, many present you with a tool you need to configure and code. Can you say ABAP? It’s all about instant gratification. Companies are sick of needing hoards of IT to get systems they need now, up and running. And IT is sick of doing it!
Self-service – no code, no rocket scientists needed; just you and your design skills Call NASA – you’ll need their help Anaplan stretches across the business, to business people, not programmers. Provide people with a platform to get creative and solve problems on their own. Software is a buffet, not a Prix Fixe at the Ritz!
IT friendly – we love IT and they’ll love Anaplan.

Safe and secure in the cloud and they don’t need to spend their time managing the technical back end

Quick, hide in the closet; I think I saw someone from IT coming! Provide a safe and secure cloud that IT can monitor and feel confident about, content in the fact that the business is having their decision needs fulfilled across a single Platform and Cloud Mart
Extendable – you can build and deploy your own models from scratch or extend the hundreds of pre-configured models we have available Call NASA again – we need them back. Business is all about change and flexibility. You have to be able to easily create an analysis, share it and model those findings to debate scenarios. That means putting the power of analysis and modeling in the hands of the business people.
Low COCO – ‘cost of cloud ownership’ is low compared to other clouds and especially to the on-premise solutions – no hardware, no software, no user limits I am sure they have a spreadsheet that shows you how your ROI will be great. You’ll have no idea how the spreadsheet works, (and BTW 90% of them out there have errors). If it’s not pure cloud, your ROI is diminishing. Organizations have been squeezed lately, especially when it comes to staffing. Doing more with less is paramount. Continuing to buy hardware and software and people to configure and maintain it just won’t help you.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve sold the enterprise model too and got fat and happy from it. And it’s like an old tweed jacket, you put it on and it just seems to fit and feel comfortable. But, tweed jackets just don’t cut it on the business cat walk these days and I firmly believe that the enterprise is getting wise to it.

As always, very happy to defend it, either via a post on this Blog or via a call. Feel free to email

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