Culture Series: Core values at Anaplan

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To communicate their underlying goals, many companies have mission statements. At Anaplan we communicate our goals with core values, which allow employees to engage with the company goals in a meaningful way. Anaplan’s four core values—disruption, speed, integrity, and accountability—drive us to be a better organization and, in turn, help us do better for our customers. Here, one Anaplanner reflects on what the core values mean to her.


Name: India Mullady

Job title: Manager Customer Operations

Location: San Francisco, CA
Tenure: 1.5 years
About: Lives in San Diego, spends her free time on the beach, is a kickboxing instructor, and once square danced with a U.S. President

Q: Why is Anaplan such a great fit for you?

India: Anaplan is a great fit for anyone who likes to work in a fast-paced environment where things are always changing. I like the feeling that things are always moving forward and progressing. Also, Anaplan is very goal oriented which makes it easier and more gratifying to track our shared success.

Q: What is your favorite part of working at Anaplan?

India: Feeling ownership over what I do. Anaplan is a lean, flat organization, which gives each employee the visibility into our corporate objectives, driven from the executive level. We all can see where we play a part in driving Anaplan’s success.

Q: Accountability is an important value at Anaplan. What does it mean to you?

India: To me, accountability means not asking a member of your team to do something that you wouldn’t do. It means you take professional responsibility for the people on your team, to help develop them and to support them in their careers. If you are going to do something, you do it right, and if there is a mistake, you correct it right away.

Q: What about integrity? This can mean a lot of different things to different people.

India: I think a good example of integrity is how we work with our customers. We communicate clearly with them and strive for transparency. One of our founders constantly reminds us, “We need to empower our customers to make the right decisions for their business.” We work together as a team to earn and maintain their trust.

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