Dashboards are now live in Anaplan’s August Release

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Earlier this month, the August 2011 release of the Anaplan Platform went live. In the August release, we’re very excited to bring you dynamic Dashboards along with some other great enhancements.

Key changes to the Platform include:

  • Dashboards: Dashboards allow you to follow the most important data at-a-glance and share this with your team and colleagues instantly. With dynamic updates, you can now watch the impact on your business as key drivers are changed within multiple modules feeding the dashboard.
  • Selective Access now available on Versions by Role: the The Roles -> Versions tab on the Users option on the settings tab now allows Workspace Administrators to specify selective access on versions in the model by role;
  • Restrict writable time periods to a specified interval: It is possible to set specific intervals of time to be writable and the rest read only for different versions. This allows you to control which periods of time users can input data into.
  • Line item codes for Module Blueprint: The module blueprint now includes a Code column allowing line items to have a Code assigned to them.
  • POST and OFFSET calculation functions now allow offset constants.
  • ISACTUALVERSION calculation function added.

We hope you enjoy using the Dashboards and other new features and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates in next month’s release.

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