Ease of Constant Change – Quick Time-Saving Tips

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Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

Do you work in an environment where nothing ever changes?  The employees never leave, you never hire anyone new, the analysis is the same every period, and the account structure is stagnant. In my experience, this was NEVER the case. Change was constant.


New leadership always came in with a new vision, a new focus, new reporting requirements, a new way of looking at things. Restructuring of territories, accounts or people was always happening on a regular basis and required constant manually updating of Excel files for these changes.

Anaplan Solution
Making changes to a dimension (or what’s know as a list in Anaplan) is as simple as dragging and dropping items. For example in Anaplan, if all sales reps were being aligned to new managers and managers were being realigned to new territories, the process would be to click on the respective name that needs to change and drag it to the new manager or territory – DONE. Better yet, import the data from the HR source system and the sales data will automatically align to the appropriate sales rep.

Estimated monthly time savings = Varies based on change

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