We’re At It Again: Empowering Worldwide Clinical Trials to Make “Game-Changing Breakthroughs”

Worldwide Clinical Trials is a major clinical research organization that provides drug development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Faced with a spreadsheet hell that consumed precious time with coordinating, proofing, version-controlling, and consolidating, they decided it was time for a change. That’s what led the Finance team to Anaplan – the solution they had been waiting for. Now, Worldwide Clinical Trials uses Anaplan to manage its global revenue management and reporting cycle. Hear CFO Everett Truitt explain how Anaplan has been such a game changer for Worldwide Clinical Trials.

“Immediately, within the first two months of using Anaplan, the whole game changed for us. We can see so much, we can ask question so much faster. You can evaluate the integrity of the answer and verify that, and you can take real, meaningful actions based on this data. Before, you literally never got there because you got stuck on the aggregating and verifying and then the month was over. And then next month: aggregate, verify. For years, there was no strategic analysis. After two months with the Anaplan reports, we’re finally doing what we need to do as a finance organization.”
Click to read the press release: Worldwide Clinical Trials Selects Anaplan for Revenue Management Cycle 

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