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Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Solutions Architect

A Currency Problem

I have recently been working with a client who has global operations, which means they must manage a variety of currencies when planning and reporting their financials. Because they are a US-based company, they ultimately need to report in USD, but depending on the account and the entity, the currency varies across the company for accounting, planning, and reporting purposes. The actual records of the accounting system are in the local currency, and the entities plan using this currency for most accounts. However, this needs to be consolidated into USD for some reports, but translated into other currencies for others. It is a nightmare for the analysts to put all of the data they have received from their entities and their accounting system into Excel, and then convert it into the appropriate currency for each report.

The Anaplan Solution

The client had some accounts that were planned in USD across the whole organization, while other accounts were planned using the local currencies. When we collaborated with the client to build the model in Anaplan, we were able to create a module that houses all of the latest translation rates for each of the currencies that they use. We were also able to use that same module to automatically translate currencies from actuals to planning to reporting.  Anaplan gave our clients the ability to build reports that are translatable into any currency they need. This allows for more efficient and accurate data processing, regardless of the currency sign in place.


Anaplan Tips is generally updated every Monday on the Anaplan Blog, but Jill will be on sabbatical during the month of December, preparing for the holidays for her family. For the next few Mondays we will have various guest bloggers filling in, and please check back in with Jill on January 8th with for her 2013 tips.  Interested in having Jill @jilleking review a tedious task or want to submit your own Anaplan Tip? Tweet us at @anaplan and let us know!

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