What to expect from Hub17 breakout sessions


If you’re going to Anaplan Hub17—or any technology conference, for that matter—you deserve to know what to expect when you arrive. In particular, you want to know about the quality and value of content in the breakout sessions since that’s where you’re most likely to find content focused on your specific needs.

For an example of the value Hub17 breakout sessions offer, check out this video of Cato Hagen and John Karantonis of United Airlines from last year’s event.

Cato, a senior finance manager, and John, a senior FP&A analyst, explain in detail how United uses Anaplan for budgeting and forecasting in its airport operations—a broad swath of business that covers everything but planes, fuel, and pilots at the 373 airports (“stations,” in airline parlance) where the airline operates. Airport operations is a distributed global operation—with a general manager, employees, and a variety of vendors at each station—that builds budgets and forecasts centrally based on data provided by all its sites. Before Anaplan, budgeting involved emailing hundreds of spreadsheets—a process Cato describes as “hellish.”

But today, all of United’s station general managers input their own data directly into Anaplan. “We have centralized control with decentralized input,” Cato explains—and as a result, forecasting and budgeting have morphed into one process, and budget season is a full two months shorter. There are lots more elements to United’s success with Anaplan; in the presentation, you’ll see how the United team has built driver-based models with synthetic rates and variance reports. We could write more about it, but it is better for you to hear the details straight from Cato and John in the 25-minute video. We’ve also got a 4-minute interview with them in which they tell their story.

Like what you see? We have more than 115 breakout sessions planned for Hub17, running March 27–29 in San Francisco. No matter your industry, business unit, or specific job, you’ll find sessions that answer your questions and expand your knowledge of planning and performance management. You’ll also experience great networking, an expanded Guru Zone, and our first-ever Street Party. Check out the growing agenda and register today.

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