What to expect at tomorrow’s Hub16 London

Anaplan Hub16 London—what to expect tomorrow

The City of London—the historic heart of the city, also called The Square Mile—is where work gets done. Consider these official statistics: The City is home to fewer than 7,400 residents, yet more than 414,000 people work there. And tomorrow, November 9, it is the hard-working home of Hub16, the Anaplan user conference.

Hub16 London is your chance to share ideas and experiences with your peers, connect with experts, discover new tips for modeling with Anaplan, and learn about how Anaplanners such as yourself are utilizing Anaplan’s planning and performance management platform to become a smart business.

Anaplan leaders—Founder and CTO Michael Gould, CFO James Budge, CRO Paul Melchiorre, and CMO Grant Halloran—will open the morning’s keynote sessions with presentations on the Anaplan vision and product roadmap. For a preview of what they will cover, check out what was announced and released at Hub16, our flagship user conference held in San Francisco earlier this year.

But Hub16 isn’t just Anaplan talking about Anaplan. Much of the morning will feature brilliant customers from the finance and insurance sectors who will discuss how they’ve eliminated legacy systems and spreadsheets—resulting in an increase in speed, productivity, and accuracy across their businesses’ planning, budgeting, and overall decision-making processes.

After lunch, attendees will choose from a dozen sessions—many featuring Anaplan customers—covering topics ranging from the specific (supply chain planning excellence) to the inspirational (visualize your interconnected world). You’ll find the full lineup here. The day will close with a wide-ranging, unscripted conversation between BBC tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones and Anaplan’s Founder and CTO Michael Gould.

There’s one more star at Hub16: The Brewery, the beautiful, historic venue for the event. Home of the Whitbread Brewery from 1750 to 1976, it’s now an outstanding place for conference—and yes, there’s a pub onsite. Because while work gets done in the Square Mile, Hub16 attendees will also have time to relax and socialize. We hope you’ll be there with us.

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