Fashion e-commerce company Zalora transforms its business strategy and planning with Anaplan


Zalora is a fashion e-commerce company servicing the Asia Pacific region. The company launched in early 2012, opening in seven different markets simultaneously. It now has operations in 11 countries throughout Asia. Zalora’s hyper-growth happened organically—and that meant business and financial planning were done differently across different markets. Compounding this complexity, the company had created back-end systems and processes as they grew—without any kind of standardization.

“We can selectively standardize different modules within our business planning in Anaplan.”
—Cooper McGuire, Co-founder and CFO, Zalora

After evaluating different business planning software, Zalora was able to see how only the Anaplan platform could help strengthen and unify their business strategy and planning process. Today, since implementing Anaplan, Zalora has been able to:

Achieve a high level of dynamism: Zalora was spinning out a lot of data and, with Anaplan, can for the first time integrate all those different types of data into its business planning process.

Plan in one platform: Zalora now has the ability to do financial planning and use data sets from various countries in a single platform without any slow-down as the company continues on its hyper-growth trajectory.

Be highly dynamic and highly flexible: Anaplan gives Zalora the opportunity to implement a new ERP, make adjustments to their core business model, and continue to grow—without disruption. According to McGuire, “Our vision of Anaplan is basically, as we build up different modules of our ERP, as we get different streams of live data, we can selectively integrate into Anaplan. We can selectively standardize different modules within our business planning in Anaplan.”

Watch the video to see the full Zalora story.

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