Featured Feature: Get Those Clocks in Sync


Many Financial Analysts consider Anaplan their panacea for things like managing a rolling forecast, ease of change, or changing at the speed of business. However, one thing we take for granted in Anaplan is the management of time.

As an analyst, I maintained reports for many different departments. This meant I could work on behalf of marketing, which measured their promotions in weeks, while simultaneously dealing with production, which managed their costs and capacity in days. Each department had a unique way to track their numbers that made sense for them. But when I received my reports, I would have to spend too much time aggregating numbers and then translating them into a format that I could feed into systems and present to executives.

Anaplan Solution

Anaplan’s time intelligence technology really makes these activities much more simple. Every line item within Anaplan can be maintained according to a time dimension that makes sense for it. As a financial analyst, I can easily create my monthly and quarterly reports. These are fed by production reports that are managed on a daily basis, or a promotion report at a weekly level. Thus, when I begin my analysis, everything is automatically aggregated into a view that enables me to immediately dive into analysis and then provide high value recommendations to my partners in the business and to the executive teams as well. This saves time and headaches with translating data and I am more confident in the recommendations made.



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