Why financial institutions should attend Anaplan’s European Financial Services Summit

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The financial services industry faces turbulent market conditions fueled by new technology, the race to digitization, constantly changing regulations, and unstable political environments. That’s why now, more than ever, the industry needs to re-invent itself and adopt a forward-looking attitude.

The first step is to implement connected planning, which can be provided by a platform-based solution and allows organizations to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans across every part of a business.

Strategic planning, forecasts, projections, “what-if” scenarios, and stress tests are not just buzzwords; they are at the core of company performance, as are workforce optimization, headcount reduction, and finance transformation programs at banks, insurance companies, and investment management firms across the globe—and with the right platform, financial institutions can gain granular insight into their data to quickly make better-informed decisions.

To assist industry leaders in addressing their sometimes-overwhelming concerns about re-invention, Anaplan offers a compelling agenda for financial institutions at the European Financial Services Summit on September 26 in London.

Join us to hear representatives from RSA Group, Legal & General Insurance, AXA Insurance, Provident Financial Group, Lloyd’s of London, 3i, and Travelex explain how connected planning helps them drive better‐informed decisions by connecting data, people, and plans on a single platform. At this event, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • Get exclusive first access to the new Financial Times’ research survey and learn how retail banks can compete in today’s digital world through connected planning. For example, the survey found that two out of three banking executives find maintaining agility to respond to economic volatility is a significant business challenge (click to tweet)—and, relatedly, 96 percent intend to implement more cloud-based planning within the next three years. At the event, Financial Times experts will facilitate a discussion with leading banking executives to share insights on the challenges faced by the industry, the effectiveness of banks’ planning processes, how financial institutions can improve their architecture, and the benefits sought from connected planning.
  • Hear a lively debate between traditional financial institutions (such as Aviva) and digital disruptors (such as Provident Financial Group and Newday) on how the Anaplan platform supports their digital transformation programs.
  • Attend a talk by special guest Chris Skinner, CEO of TheFinanser.com. A renowned author, speaker, and expert advisor on financial markets and digital banking, Chris will share his vision on the democratization of finance and describe how agile, cloud-based platforms enable financial innovation.

The European Financial Services Summit will offer great opportunities to network with fellow business planners and executives. Explore the full event agenda and register today. Attendees will be the first to receive a copy of the Financial Times’ new research report, “How connected planning will transform banking in the digital age.”

If you’re unable to attend the summit in London, perhaps you’d be interested in our Innovation in Financial Services event on October 4 in Boston. This morning gathering is designed to help finance practitioners in banks, insurance, and investment management companies adjust quickly to stay ahead of the game in today’s volatile macroeconomic environment.

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