Flying High with Brussels Airlines


Brussels Airlines has experienced impressive expansion and positive change in recent years. Their growth path is actually pretty remarkable. Take a look at some of the ways they have invested and expanded in the last couple years:

  • They’ve continually increased the frequency of their flights.
  • They’ve upgraded their in-flight experience with new service offerings and innovative technologies. For example, a couple years ago they introduced new, lightweight seats that not only increased legroom and living space for passengers, but also reduced the fuel consumption and CO2 emission of the aircraft.
  • In addition to continued year-over-year passenger growth, they experienced a record 12 percent month-to-month passenger growth in April 2014.

Brussels Airlines exemplifies the term “hyper-growth,” and today we are delighted to announce them as a valued Anaplan customer. Brussels Airlines has chosen Anaplan to boost its financial planning and analysis (FP&A) strategy and more accurately forecast future demand.

Anaplan was designed for hyper-growth companies such as Brussels Airlines, and we look forward to supporting them in their continual effort to deliver a great flight experience and a robust offering.

To learn more about how Anaplan is enabling Brussels Airlines to reach business goals, head over to today’s announcement: Brussels Airlines Chooses Anaplan for Heightened Financial Planning & Analysis.

In French: Brussels Airlines a choisi Anaplan pour améliorer sa planification et son analyse financière

In Dutch: Brussels Airlines kiest Anaplan voor financiële planning & analyse

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