From Russia with Love: Anaplan + FG Life. Explosive growth meets its match.

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800 offices.
75 regions.
3 million private customers.
100,000 enterprise customers.
A different way of doing business – and a totally broken Excel system.

As the numbers suggest, Financial Group Life (FG Life) has a lot on its plate. Based in Russia, FG Life provides industrial companies with financial services that help boost development of critical market sector enterprises. It has become one of Russia’s fastest growing banking groups, with a coveted spot on the Forbes rating’s Top 50 to prove it.

Then, two two factors converged. FG Life takes a different approach than other financial institutions in that they use a lot of human intelligence. They grew big really quickly. Combined, this completely broke their systems. FG Life had outgrown their processes in Excel, which made planning and budgets at their level impossible – and put their growth in jeopardy. This led them to Anaplan.

Anaplan provides FG Life with the foundation they need for business today and growth for the future. It lets them operate they way they want, and gives them the power to then take it further. Take a look at the case study to see FG Life’s complete story with Anaplan, and find out how our cloud-based platform transformed the company, and delivered results such as:

  • New corporate benchmarking system provides immediate feedback from office level down to individual level
  • 150-fold increase in actuarial data running through models allows for granular views on employees and product lines
  • Design to go-live in two weeks for 185 offices and 600 sales managers

As Oleg Zimin, the implementation partner, noted, “Anaplan was not just a change of systems for FG Life, but a change in the approach to daily business across the board.”


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