Giving the gift of efficiency with new features from Anaplan’s 2015.5 release


Are you an Anaplanner looking to hone your skills? Look no further! Whether you are new to Anaplan or a seasoned model builder, these four best practices from Anaplan model builder Elizabeth Schaffer will show you how to make a dashing dashboard using features in our upcoming 2015.5 release.

Dashboard Designer
Dress up your dashboard using the new Dashboard Designer. Once you’ve selected Dashboard Designer from the menu, a new tab area will appear for you to start editing. As you click through the dashboard elements, the applicable menu options appear in the “designer” tab, making it easy to toggle between modules, charts, and text boxes while setting up your dashboard. As a part of this user interface enhancement, each element is outlined in a grid with a tab labeled move, which makes it simple to rearrange and reorder various elements. Dashboard Designer is a one-stop menu shop for polishing up your dashboard.

Open Source Module
Ever find a mistake while validating data on a dashboard and need to open the source module? Now you can! Click on the line item you are validating and then select the Open Source Module option in the menu. Anaplan will take you right where you want to go. This is especially helpful when correcting line item formatting or digging into a formula.

Current Period Default
Find yourself running late and need relevant information fast? In Anaplan, time defaults to the global time settings of your model so you can always have the most up-to-date information right when you log in to a dashboard. As a model builder, simply make sure that the global time settings are up-to-date and Anaplan will take care of the rest. Whether you’re on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly timescale, this change is another time saver for any Anaplanner.

Copy Module
Have that go-to recipe that you copy over and over for every holiday party? When building a model, sometimes you have to do the same. Using this feature, you can not only copy the module itself, but also all of its views and formatting. To make the most of this feature, be sure to spend some time perfecting it. Apply conditional formatting, create saved views, add header styles, etc. Spending a little more time upfront on one module will save you a lot of time in the end.

The model builder tips and tricks webinar on December 10 will cover many of the new features and benefits in the Anaplan 2015.5 release. Register here to attend and you will be well on your way to dashing dashboards.

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