Highlights from Anaplan Hub 2013: Pandora Session


Anaplan Hub 2013
Jason Ryan, Senior FP&A Analyst at Pandora

Anaplan is very connected, to not only data sources but also to data owners and to data consumers. We have people from accounts receivable and collections logging in to see what our forecast is and the implied cash collections amount. People from marketing log in, people from facilities log in to see what the headcount is or to know what the demand for new offices would be in various locations.  And then on the data owner side, we have a lot of department budget owners, people in legal or people in sales marketing who log in, and they will input what expense they will be incurring.  Also HR certainly logs in and works within our system a lot. We have both FP&A people who are logging into the system on a regular basis to do extensive modeling work as well inputting and exporting data, and then we also have a number of people from sales finance who do similar things.

This video session was recorded at Anaplan Hub 2013, on May 22nd in San Francisco.

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