Highlights from Anaplan Hub 2013: Keynote Speech

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Anaplan Hub 2013 – Fred Laluyaux
Highlights from the Keynote:

To see you all here is both humbling, reassuring, and very engaging for us.  So I thank you again for attending our first event. We have more than 400 who registered to attend, and I don’t know how many of you are in the room but it’s a big number.  As Simon, said this conference is really about you who share our vision and our passion for a new breed of enterprise software that’s immediate, that’s powerful, that’s connected, and that’s fundamentally engaging.

We wanted to make our event a little different from all the user conferences, and make the conference more of a format where we provide a great opportunity to engage with each other. We have people coming from more than a 100 companies – as Simon said, a lot of customers, and some people who are just interested in discovering Anaplan a little better.

I want to highlight some of the companies we are going to be talking to today. The first one is Diageo. Next we’ll talk to team McAfee. Throughout the day we will also check in, via Skype, with Aviva, Kimberly-Clark EE, 2degrees and Air Asia Expedia. Following lunch, we will talk to Jason at Pandora.  Then we’ll have a customer round table with Cafepress, Serena Software, Wind River, and HealthTrust.

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