How the Anaplan Community opens the door to unlimited learning


At the core of the Connected Planning mindset lies a willingness to continuously learn in order to adapt planning methodologies as needed. However, when it comes to staying on top of best practices, tips, and how-tos for strategic business planning and model building, finding a trustworthy guru to learn from isn’t always easy.

If you’re still using a traditional, IT-dependent legacy enterprise planning system, finding quick answers to your questions oftentimes means submitting a support ticket and crossing your fingers for a speedy response. Without advanced coding and technical knowledge, your peers may not be of much use either, if you want to make a change to the system. With Connected Planning via a single cloud-based platform, you are the owner of your planning destiny and therefore aren’t reliant on help from IT. And when you join the Anaplan Community, you have access to a living, breathing user manual supported by an ecosystem of Anaplan experts.

How the Anaplan Community gives you direct access to expert guidance

One of the best and newest ways Anaplanners can get direct access to expert advice is by participating in our newly launched Ask Me Anything (AMA) program, where customers, partners, and employees can connect with Anaplan experts and industry leaders to get answers about the planning topics that matter most to them. The inaugural AMA in May was led by David Smith, Vice President of the Operational Excellence Group at Anaplan, and covered a wide range of topics to help Anaplanners find the best, most efficient ways to model.

Among the topics included was Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), a feature spearheaded by Smith and launched in 2016. ALM allows you to build new functionality in a development model, test it in a realistic testing model, and then release the update to a production model, without affecting end-users or introducing unwanted changes.

Learn in the way that works best for you

Depending on how you learn best, there are plenty of ways to gain knowledge from AMAs and within the Anaplan Community. Anaplan’s AMAs take place in a variety of formats, including open forum sessions with video reply, live online Q&A sessions, and live-streaming sessions.

Community also gives you access to a host of powerful ways to learn. You can review the official technical documentation of the Anaplan platform by browsing Anapedia, ask other Anaplanners questions in the discussion forums, or enroll in training sessions for hands-on learning. Across these mediums and more, you can hear from experts about the best ways to use the platform by seeing Anaplan features and functionality in-action with live demos and how-to videos.

Next up on AMA, Anaplan’s VP of Product

The next AMA, featuring Sampath Gomatam, Anaplan’s Vice President of Product, will take place the week of July 23. He will be available to answer any question you may have around Anaplan’s product roadmap, strategy, and vision for the future. This is your opportunity to engage directly with the executive that who fuels the heart of the Anaplan platform. In prep for this AMA session, listen to Sampath’s latest product roadmap keynote from Hub, and then join the AMA conversation by submitting questions that will drive the community discussion.

Connecting with Anaplanners in the real world

Another format to learn from is Anaplan’s User Group meetups, hosted all over the world. Anaplan User Groups offer a deep dive into the platform through collaborative learning with other Anaplan users across industries, business functions, or regions. And if you can’t attend in person, you can always participate by connecting virtually online.

Interested in participating in a User Group? Check out the schedule to find the next User Group closest to you. And for information about upcoming product releases, take a look at Platform Updates, which is regularly updated.