How Anaplan’s Core Values Guide Our Hiring for Hyper-Growth


There is no doubt that Anaplan is a hyper-growth company. In the past year we’ve opened eight global offices, have doubled in size, and there is no sign of us slowing down. But as we scale and grow around the world, how can we maintain the culture that we’ve worked hard to establish? How can we continue to move with speed, but make sure we are hiring the right people for the job?

We’re not the first company to grapple with balancing rapid growth and maintaining a strong company culture. Many other companies have wrestled with this dilemma, and have found an answer in core values.

Although almost every major company has core values, not every company truly lives them. Far too often, core vales are displayed on a dusty plaque near the lobby without much thought or regard. The key to keeping core values from becoming mere decorations on the wall is making sure they are a true fit for your organization.  Some of today’s most successful companies have carefully crafted core values that can be traced throughout their campuses; they are also strongly endorsed and modeled by the founders and executives, and transparently seen in their interactions with their employees.  A few great examples of companies living their core values include:

  • Rackspace: Results first, substance over flash.
  • Google: Focus on the user and all else will follow.
  • Accenture: One Global Network.
  • Whole Foods: Satisfying and delighting our customers.

But, with so many companies not embracing the full potential of their publicly declared core values, why do they even bother?  I would argue that without core values that are demonstrated every day, you leave your company culture in limbo. Having a strong set of core values to reference as your company grows ensures that culture will not be sacrificed along the way.

At Anaplan, we live by these core values: disruption, speed, accountability, and integrity. In the coming weeks we’ll give you an inside look at how these values are woven into the work we do and the people we recruit, interview, and hire.

What core values does your organization believe in? Leave us a note in the comments and let us know how they are manifested in your environment and employees.

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