Anaplan’s marketing team streamlines alignment with sales op using Anaplan

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Unlike the old days where fishermen acted as both marketing and sales (they advertised by yelling their catch of the day at passersby, and then wrapped the fish up streetside)—today aligning marketing activities and sales objectives has been an ongoing challenge.

Anaplan has overcome this hurdle internally by implementing its own platform to align with sales objectives. In an on-demand webinar, Anaplan’s Director of Marketing Operations, Lisa Connolly discusses how Anaplan has aligned the metrics, goals, visibility, and credibility of our marketing team with sales ops and sales leadership by:

  • Fixing core measurement processes and creating a cadence of reporting to keep pace with the rapid growth of the business
  • Providing understanding on how the implementation of Anaplan created new visibility into what was previously unknown, shifting the marketing team’s overall strategy
  • Flipping the conversation with sales executives from “Where are my leads?” to “Let’s work on account strategies together.”

To hear more on how Anaplan solved this common sales and marketing challenge, listen to the full webinar.

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