How ForeScout Technologies took its planning to the next level

[Video] How ForeScout Technologies took its planning to the next level

For global enterprises, spreadsheet-based planning involves complex multiples. Multiple entities, currencies, and users can lead to a lengthy, problematic planning process. In fact, you may have experienced the woes of problematic planning. Of course, spreadsheets are integral to planning – but are they agile enough to keep up with volatile business landscapes and your competition?

Most companies rely on spreadsheets for financial budgeting, planning, and forecasting, and also quota management and commission calculations. But managing these complexities with spreadsheets really limits what you can achieve.

With business planning, what if you could calculate accurate commission plans and improve your financial planning with real-time data?

One company moved beyond spreadsheets to take their planning to the next level—and shared the results. In a recent customer case study video, Kevin Cerutti, senior Director of Finance at ForeScout Technologies, reveals how his company better empowered sales operations and compensation leaders to do their jobs.

In the video below, Kevin details how ForeScout Technologies leverages Anaplan for sales planning, commissions, budgeting, and forecasting. Watch the video and learn how the company:

  • Accurately calculates commissions so that sales reps have more visibility to review their own timely data
  • Manages real-time “what-if” scenarios and why this is their biggest advantage
  • Administers long-term planning as well as bottom-up short-term detail budgeting

What is your biggest challenge around sales planning, commissions, budgeting, and forecasting? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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