How to Get Your Boss to Buy You an iPad – Quick Time-Saving Tips

Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

On a monthly basis, finance managers compile reports to show actual results vs. forecast.  Rolling over the spreadsheet from the prior month, bring in the actual and forecast data on a daily basis as the month is closing and input any comments on variances. Add to this the reality of each manager who owns their own spreadsheet, report and process for reporting the results and what you have is – well almost every business today.


In my previous company, there was no consistency across the team, no collaboration, or best practices shared. Once each of the managers put together their report, they would email the file to the person responsible for compiling the data. That admin analysts, who would pull all nighters, would compile and print copies for everyone at the meeting. The  exec team would not have any access to the data until it was presented live at the meeting.

Anaplan Solution

In Anaplan, executives leverage the skillset of their team through collaborative creation of dynamic and consistent reports. And if the data requires a variety of report views, analysts can easily generate separate reports. There is no need to send reports over email or to print because real-time data is populated by the source systems directly into the executive dashboard. Allowing the executive team to review reports as the actuals are posted, before showing up to the review/planning meeting and if outliers exist, they are addressed days in advance of the meeting.

Now everyone is prepared for the planning meeting and if updates need to be made to any of the reports, edits can be made  on the spot in the meeting.  In fact, if all of this data is available to the Executive team at any time, the meeting may not even be needed.

Why might your boss buy you an iPad when you switch to Anaplan? Well there is the 18 to 27 hours that you could be saving from tips this week, but what we are currently seeing at Anaplan is that our customers are accessing reports on their iPad’s, making changes on the fly and in real-time.

Estimated Monthly time savings = 1-4 hours

Note: Quick Time-Saving Tips is new and will be updated every Monday on the Anaplan Blog . Interested in having Jill @jilleking review a tedious task or want to submit your own Time-Saving Tip  –  Tweet us at @anaplan and let us know!

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