Customer Video: HP’s Sue Barsamian Talks Sales Transformation with Anaplan

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One of my favorite aspects of working at Anaplan is the incredible willingness of our customers to share their experiences using our platform. I believe they are so enthusiastic because they are building apps and models on the Anaplan platform that often solve their most intractable business problems, creating huge value and literally changing the way they work and the speed at which they can move. They are disrupters and leaders, and we are fortunate to learn from them.

At our latest Hub conference we welcomed over 30 customer and partners to the stage including Sue Barsamian, SVP of Worldwide Indirect Sales at HP. Sue joined us for our keynote presentation and spoke about how HP has transformed its Territory and Quota planning process using Anaplan for a global Salesforce over 20,000 strong. Gone are the days of disconnected spreadsheets and uneven quota deployment. HP starts the year strong with a data-driven, highly collaborative coverage plan—on Day 1 of Q1.

In order to get the full story of HP’s success with Anaplan, we sat down with Sue and captured her thoughts in an exclusive video interview. Sue elaborated on three key value propositions that stood out about Anaplan and have driven HP’s success using the platform.

1) Solve the “interlock” problem: HP’s global sales team is starting the year faster and with more confidence because they are, for the first time, completely interlocked around the design and deployment of their territory and quota plan before they hit “go.” According to Sue, this was “the first critical value proposition” that attracted HP to Anaplan.

2) Execute and adapt: Disruption will happen the second you start executing against a plan: salespeople come and go, quotas get adjusted, currencies fluctuate, and so on. For HP, those disruptions are now “eminently easier to manage and control” in Anaplan.

3) Optimize everything: Using Anaplan’s analytics capabilities, HP now has a global view into their plan and its execution. Anaplan makes it easy to uncover insights into what’s working and what’s not…and then adjust the plan in real-time to compensate.

With that, I’ll pause here and let Sue do the talking. Just click the video above to watch.

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