Hub Europe 2013: Meet the Anaplanners disrupting the enterprise market

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Take a quick scroll through our blog and you can’t help but notice some of the reasons why our customers are dedicated Anaplanners. Indeed, their positive experiences and the interesting ways in which they are using our products to solve business issues are the reasons why here at Anaplan we are getting ready to host our Hub Europe in London in October! Our thinking was this – if we were amazed by some of the incredibly creative ways that our customers are working with Anaplan to overtake the competition and make modelling and planning easier, what could you guys learn from these experiences?

With that in mind, and as we lead up to the conference, we wanted to share with you our thoughts on some of the hot topics that you can expect to hear more about at the conference – starting with a closer look at disruption of the enterprise market.

Connectivity and collaboration are two of the most crucial elements that businesses need to get right to ensure that everything is running as it should. While you can’t doubt the fact that traditional enterprise tools such as Hyperion and Cognos have been the cornerstone of performance management for many years, it’s a fact that these tools have not kept up with pace of business change and complexity. What we’re seeing is that more and more of you are seeking alternatives to these solutions as you look to find the flexibility and functionality required to connect data from all across the enterprise. Ultimately, what we’re hearing is that you want to be able to tell a consistent story across the whole business – and frankly, what’s been out there hasn’t delivered.

Whether it’s part of day-to-day operations, at the start of a financial year, or ahead of a major project, the strategic alignment of individuals and teams within an organisation can prove a daunting task, but with Anaplan, it’s easy to get right! By moving planning and modelling processes to the cloud, employees enterprise-wide can all work from the same page conducting top-down and bottom-up planning, making the most of our solution to connect disparate teams and departments from across the organisation. We continue to hear feedback about how companies are using our unique technology to create a truly ‘connected enterprise’. Some of the use cases our customers have implemented have been complete game changers, and these companies are excited to share this knowledge and expertise at the Hub event.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in hearing more about, make sure you register here today for Hub Europe 2013 on 2nd October 2013 at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden.  Also, make sure you check out the blog over the coming weeks for more insight on what to expect at the big event. See you there! — Fred

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