Hub Europe 2013: The Theme Is Global

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Anaplan’s first European user conference, Hub Europe 2013, kicked off yesterday in London’s Covent Garden Film Museum amidst Union Jack Minis, British Phone Booths, and other movie memorabilia. The unconventional space set a clear tone for what was to be an unconventional conference. No dry tech demos. No pre-canned sales pitches. No “smart” marketing spin. If Hub Europe was going to be anything (as the pink and blue lights seemed to whisper), it was going to be fun.

In attendance were 240 registrants representing more than 100 companies from Europe and beyond. Among the mix of new prospects and old customers were big names like Hewlett Packard, Nokia, and Avivia; consulting giants Accenture, Deloitte, and PWC; Sis; Partners; journalists; tech bloggers; and a host of new faces from organizations big and small.

Before the first talk was even underway, the number of languages bouncing off the walls confirmed one of the key messages of Hub Europe 2013: Anaplan is a globally-minded business for globally-minded customers. Indeed, the international make-up of the crowd was the perfect testament to something CEO Fred Laluyaux declared at Hub Europe’s sister event in San Francisco last May: “We’re not an American company, we’re not a British company, we’re not French company. Anaplan is a global company and we’ve been global from day one.” Just five months after that declaration, with the international office count up to five (France, the UK, Sweden, Benelux, and Singapore) and the global partner network growing by the day, Hub Europe made it clear how deeply Anaplan’s vision – of itself, its customers, and its future – is truly global.


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