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Box Featured Speakers - Anaplan Hub 2014

Anaplan’s customer conference HUB 2014 is approximately 39 days away, and we have a stellar line-up of speakers spanning Anaplan customers, partners, and industry experts.

Today, we’d like to announce some exciting panelists who will discuss how they think outside the “Box” when it comes to hyper-growth:

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Anaplan’s Chief Customer Officer Simon Tucker will interview the team at Box about the challenges they face and solutions they employ in scaling a business in the blink of an eye. With representatives from Finance, Strategy, and IT each will explain what hyper-growth means to their group and how they are collaboratively working together to ensure that what is built at Box will reach today’s and tomorrow’s goals.

The panel includes Ben Haines, a transformational CIO who is focused on liberating companies (including Box) from the legacy world of expensive and unproductive Enterprise Software and Information Technology.  As the first VP CIO for Box, Ben is responsible for building out the Enterprise IT function utilizing the existing suite of cloud-based solutions and enhancing where needed.

For information on speakers, agenda and more visit:

To register for Hub 2014, visit:

We hope you will join us for Hub 2014. Join the conversation on Twitter: #hub2014; and stay tuned for more updates on speakers!


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