Introducing the Anaplan App Hub—a new era of business planning

Introducing the Anaplan App Hub—a new era of business planning

Business planning should be quick and easy, wouldn’t you agree?

Gone are the days of waiting in the endless IT queue to solve your complex planning challenges. Now you can deploy and work within planning applications within minutes.

Say hello to the Anaplan App Hub, the first-ever app community where you can discover, deploy, and share apps with planning experts in your business domain and industry. From Sales and Operations to Finance and HR, check out the Anaplan App Hub to improve your business planning. Here’s a quick video on how it works.

With the App Hub, you can deploy an app in three clicks and then tailor it to fit your business.

  • Solve your complex planning challenges now
  • Discover smarter ways to plan
  • Customize apps or build your own—no coding required!
  • Share and engage with the Anaplan community so that we can continue to raise the bar for business planning together

Join us in the first and only apps community dedicated to advancing the art and science of business planning. The Anaplan App Hub launches with dozens of planning applications across 10 industries, built by our customers and partners. Use cases include: territory and quota planning, trade promotion planning, strategic financial planning, insurance premium planning, and sales forecasting.

Apps like these can be used to very quickly iterate on various subsets of the planning process. For example, McAfee has created 20 applications in the time they’ve been using Anaplan. “What we’ve learned as part of the Anaplan community is that the problems are almost the same across enterprises. Once someone cracks the code on a problem, it’s great to be able to pass that on. With the App Hub, you’re not only getting application contributions from customers but really tightly written applications from vertical industry experts that you can just plug right in,” says Anaplanner Jeff Brobst, Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis, McAfee.

Find out how you can pick up the tempo on your business planning. Check out the App Hub now! Already an Anaplanner? Anaplan apps are free and immediately accessible.

Want to learn more about Anaplan? Request a demo of the platform here.

Want more details? Read the official press release!

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