January ’15 platform release: Empower decision makers with smarter plans

January ’15 platform release: Empower decision makers with smarter plans

Given the complexity of today’s business environment, we must make it easier for people on the front lines to make day-to-day decisions faster and with more accuracy. To achieve this, you need plans that are both flexible and highly data-driven in place. Business Intelligence systems have attempted to do this for years, but, at best, they only reported the past—what has happened in your business. It’s great knowing where you have been, but where are you going?

In the same way that apps on their phone have changed people’s lives and what’s possible for them to do, we are changing the way people do business planning for Sales, Finance, Operations, and HR. Anaplan helps you plan your next business move by giving you the tools to develop “what-ifs” scenarios and map the optimal path that considers your potential gain, your budget, and all the complex inter-dependencies, constraints, and risks that impact your future results. We believe that empowering people on the front lines to do this gives everyone, not just executives, the insight to make the best day-to-day trade-offs. At the end of the day, better decisions everyday add up to a big impact on your bottom-line. The key is delivering planning and modeling sophistication, while keeping it simple for anyone to quickly understand and use. We believe simple is smarter.

The Anaplan January ’15 platform release delivers features that increase your ability to provide insights and actions to your business managers without sacrificing simplicity.

Dynamic business insights

Empower decision makers to explore data on-the-fly. With the ability to quickly view and analyze the performance of your company from any different perspective, you can quickly execute plans to achieve targets. Determine if you will meet revenue targets by region, sales team, or individual sales rep. Discover what products are outperforming others down to the category or SKU. Managers also need to view actuals vs. forecasts for a variety of time periods. Our self-select time periods deliver more real-time, flexible insights to decision makers with less maintenance than ever before.

Dashboards transformed to powerful apps

Now, you can easily engage anyone in the planning process. Enhancements to instructions and actions turn dashboards into powerful and simple-to-use apps. Everyone on your team can correctly interpret graphs, input information, or take action thanks to helpful text on dashboards. Best of all, you can explore data history and always find out who made a change and when. You can access the history of your data directly from a dashboard.

Get and build apps faster

We all need to have plans. Anaplan gives you the choice to get started immediately by instantly provisioning pre-built apps from the Anaplan App Hub or to build your own custom planning app. In the January release, we’re giving app builders the power to accomplish more without sacrificing simplicity, such as the capability to build user-friendly actions. Also, new learning apps, available in the Anaplan App Hub, provide best practices and tips for formulas and functions, reporting, and statistical forecasting. Plus, the app portfolio continues to grow with new, ready-to-use apps. We have four new partner apps from Deloitte and Daydream, and a new Product Sales Forecast app from Anaplan. Check out the latest apps here.

For Salesforce customers: The Anaplan tab in Salesforce is ready to use

Now there is one place to plan when you sign into Salesforce. Install the Anaplan tab into your Salesforce environment today.

Do you fully understand the power of smarter plans? We’re focused on empowering the people on the front lines that make day-to-day decisions with simple, yet sophisticated modeling tools. While these tools are sophisticated in the complexity of what they can manage and the information they provide, they are delivered in a simple and consumable way. We’re helping people build smarter planning apps very quickly, so they can get back to work faster.

To learn more about the January ’15 platform release, be sure to explore Anapedia in order to discover all the new features and capabilities.

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