Managing sales compensation—take the survey and see how you match up

Historically, sales compensation planning has been a challenge for many organizations as they struggle to consolidate the numerous metrics that make up their sales force’s compensation plans. On top of that, compensation plans are rarely released to the sales force on time and with no pushback, often a direct result of spending hours lost in rows and columns of spreadsheet data and manual processes.

The Sales Management Association (SMA) and Anaplan have partnered up to tap into the actual state of sale compensation planning. Findings include where organizations can drive efficiency and how leading companies are most effectively building their sales compensation structure.

Take our survey to see how your sales operations processes and strategies match up with other organizations. When the research is released we’ll send you the complimentary report and an invitation to the webinar that will discuss our key findings and trends.

In the meantime, watch a three-minute demo to learn how organizations like yours are retiring the disconnected spreadsheets and siloed planning systems—and are making timely, advanced decision-making with the Smart Business Platform™.

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