Motorola improves its sales and marketing efforts by using historical customer data


We’re excited to be soon hosting our annual premier planning event—the Anaplan Hub conference. This year, Hub16 offers over 75 educational sessions and the ability to network with global industry leading experts, so you can learn how other global organizations are transforming their planning and budgeting strategies.

As part of our sales track, we’re delighted to announce that Motorola will be returning to the stage to share the progression of their Anaplan success story. This year, Karthikeyan Ramasamy, Motorola’s Director of Strategy and Analytics, will lead a session to discuss how Motorola has come up with innovative ways to monetize its data assets and increase revenue through the use of Big Data and and historical customer purchases—leading to a more strategic sales and marketing effort.

Like many other businesses, Motorola was overwhelmed by the volume, velocity, and variety of new data about its market, customers, and competitors. Converting this massive amount of data into “actionable insights” for sales and marketing teams is a major challenge for the majority of organizations. Many market-changing companies, such as Motorola, have built algorithms to predict who, when, and how customers will make a purchase (think Amazon’s and Netflix’s recommendation engines). They have predictive and prescriptive models and algorithms that assist their sales and marketing teams through the customer buying process.

Hear more about how Motorola used data and insights to assist sales and marketing efforts by joining us in San Francisco from May 10th-12th for the premier planning event of the year: Hub16.

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