: Anaplan Hub16 London, November 9

Motorola shares sales forecasting success at Hub16 London

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Ask salespeople what they do best and their answers will vary: I listen to customers. I solve problems. I create value. And so on. You’ll probably also hear that they’re great at making money, and that’s how it should be. But rarely will you hear salespeople say that they’re great at forecasting—sales folk are typically overly optimistic and that means headaches for sales leaders. Research bears this out: According to a recent Sales Management Association study, 65 percent of firms admit that they are sometimes late or slow in executing sales planning activities, and 45 percent create sales plans only on an annual basis, limiting their ability to course-correct when conditions change. And remarkably, five percent of firms don’t create sales plans at all.

Sales organizations are desperate to improve those numbers and plan better. That’s why sessions presented by Motorola Solutions have been so popular at our Hub16 conferences. They share how the company transformed its sales forecasting process using Anaplan. At Hub16 in London, Lisa Bentley-Smith, Director of Sales Operations at Motorola, will speak on “Accelerating growth strategies and sales performance with a platform solution” on November 9.

Lisa will share how Anaplan helped Motorola align sales people’s individual goals with the company’s business priorities. The challenge was huge: More than 2,000 people work in selling roles at Motorola, along with a channel network of some 800 partners. Sales cycles can be long and complex; one entailed long-term order opportunities and revenue cycles that could take three years to complete. Before Anaplan, the sales forecasting process was cumbersome and required many manual processes, but today sales compensation planning is integrated with sales operations and finance functions, providing crucial revenue alignment.

Lisa is an ideal person to tell Motorola’s story because she knows the before and after scenarios from the ground up. She started working for Motorola in 1999 as a data entry clerk and moved into order management after a year. Within a few years, she was managing the entire order management team across EMEA. Lisa then spent several years working on a global IT transformation project before moving into sales incentive compensation, where she was responsible for sales commissions calculations and payments across EMEA. Three years later, she was tapped to lead sales operations in Europe, a role she has held since 2014.

Meet and learn from elite sales operations experts like Lisa at Hub16 London. You will gain insights on transforming corporate decision-making and see how dynamic planning can empower your business and fuel growth.

Before the conference you can learn more about Motorola’s story in this video featuring Motorola’s former Senior Director of Global Operations.

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