My Anaplan Experience: ‘Seeing is Believing’ Has Never Been More True!

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Mark Deprez has over 20 years of experience in the Enterprise Software industry, working in the areas of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). More specifically, he specializes in modeling and planning for Finance, Operations, and HR. He has worked for start up companies such as Frango /SRC Software and Outlooksoft, as well as at major players such as Oracle / SAP, who acquired the aforementioned niche vendors to complete their EPM offering.

Throughout his career, Mark’s vision has been to deliver innovation, simplicity, honesty, and speed to customers in the domain of EPM. That is why he most recently joined Anaplan as managing partner for the Benelux territory. His is passionate about being: start-up spirit, team coach, problem solver, enthusiastic, and 100% customer focused.


As perhaps some of you already know, I am from Belgium – a country known for its many things such as beer, French fries, and chocolate, to name just a few! Aside from these, we also enjoy the luxury of Public Holidays. In November, we celebrated the the Armistice, which marks the day that the Allies and Germany effectively ended World War I at CompiègneFrance.  This day provided a good opportunity for me to sit back and take a few minutes to look at our relatively short, but equally exciting, history at Anaplan so far.

The journey officially started on September 10 2013 with a fantastic launch event at one of Amsterdam’s top locations, the EYE Film Institute. Coming out of the summer holidays, all forces were aligned to ramp up a great event that had over 50 attendees including customers, prospects and partners. I first saw Anaplan in action at our User Conference in San Francisco this year, and I was extremely happy to see that it had a similarly viral effect among the attendees. They loved it and have started using the most powerful advertising strategy ever invented – word of mouth publicity! Have a look at the video of our launch event and you will catch my drift immediately.

The launch event, combined with some great press coverage in both Belgian and Dutch media, confirmed our feelings that we were ready to go out and make tracks in the EPM market quickly. We are now nine weeks into the journey. Most recently, we are extremely excited to welcome our latest customer on board – one of the largest Flemish commercial broadcasting companies, who is using Anaplan for Workforce Planning. They join our existing local customers, including Janssen Pharma. Watch this space for an official new customer announcement!

So, we’re only nine exciting weeks in, and already we are building a fantastic pipeline of companies ready to sign up to Anaplan whilst building an equally energized network of partners.

Taking the challenge of my prospects has never been as much fun as it is now with Anaplan. Having been in the pre-sales and POC (proof of concept) business for quite some time, I can testify that the saying “seeing is believing” rings true with Anaplan. Building POCs on top of millions of transactional cells of data has never been so easy for me. It is a true joy to fix our customers’ years of business pains in a matter of hours. Finally, we can put the customer in the driver’s seat when creating the POC, let them build part of it themselves, and give the VPs in the room on-the-fly access to the dashboards via their iPads/Tablets.  These are just a few examples of how we are turning “seeing is Believing” into “I can do it myself, so I believe it.”

What will 2014 bring us? Hard to predict, but all the facts are there to make 2014 an even bigger success.  The enthusiasm and energy of our team, combined with that of our prospects means we will add plenty of Happy Anaplanners to our growing community in no time. Stay Tuned!

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