Rapid-Fire Q&A: Nicolas Forcade, Our New Managing Director for France

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Nicolas ForcadeToday, we are pleased to introduce the latest Anaplan DISRUPTOR – Nicolas Forcade.

Nicolas is based out of Anaplan’s European headquarters in Paris, where he manages our growth in the French market. Nicolas’ addition to our executive team is the latest in a strong line of veteran industry disruptors who have joined Anaplan from more traditional vendors as they (and we!) see Anaplan as THE next step in the world of business planning and modeling.

We had a chance to catch up with Nicolas last week while he was in San Francisco for our annual sales kick off events. He shared his thoughts on what joining Anaplan means to him and how he intends to spread our Disruption to others.

1.   In one word, how would you describe Anaplan?

Disruptive, of course!

2.   How is Anaplan a disruptor?

Anaplan has made something that no one else can make. When you look at sales quota and territory planning, for example, we have the best tools to address customer needs. It’s simple, in-memory (which is huge), and it’s real-time.

3.   What most excites you about Anaplan?

What I couldn’t make at other companies, I can make at Anaplan. Our platform allows organizations to operate better and adjust their plans much more quickly. It really does answer a need, and as a result, we are killing the competition in France!

4.   Why is the market ready for a shift?

Organizations are increasingly looking for a platform that is highly collaborative and equally agile. More and more companies are beginning to see the benefit of working in the cloud. Anaplan provides a solution for end users on a daily basis to make their job quicker and better.

5.   Why are you a disruptor?

I always pick the right company before others. For example, I joined Salesforce.com and Talentsoft as they really began to innovate because I saw that they would become leaders. I believe that risk-taking, energy, and trust are vital to being a disruptor. You have to maintain energy and ensure that you believe in your product – and in-turn you must convey that energy and belief to customers. I need to believe that what I am selling is the best product in the market, and Anaplan IS the best solution for cloud-based business planning and modeling.

6.   Who is your favorite superhero?

Captain America

7.   You have a teleporter that can travel to any time, anywhere – so, where to?

It would be cool to travel back to Silicon Valley in the late 1970s. Specifically, to Steve Jobs’ garage in Los Altos to get in on the early stages of Apple’s disruption of the PC market.

8.   Is the book always better than the movie?

The book is always better. Movies are passive, but books are active in that they really require you to use your imagination.

9.   Sun or snow?

I love both! I would be equally happy on the slopes of La Plagne or on a sunny beach somewhere in Mexico, the Caribbean, Polynesia or Spain.

10.  What is playing on your iPod right now?

I’m a big fan of Jack Johnson and Asaf Avidan.


For more information on Nicolas’ addition to the Anaplan France team, be sure to read our press release: Anaplan Appoints Nicolas Forcade as Managing Director for France

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