Opportunities in a hyper-growth company: One Anaplanner’s journey

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I joined Anaplan in March 2013 after spending six years working in finance consulting. I was Anaplan France’s first employee and started in pre-sales, where I launched the quest for VIP (Visionary Integrated Planners) customers, looking for prospects and early adopters.

Persistence and focus are key

However, breaking new ground wasn’t easy. Throughout the process, I discovered that being a woman both helped and hindered my career. In my interactions with potential customers, I came across a wide variety of people and needed to tailor my communications to fit each unique situation. It wasn’t always easy, but as a result of this experience, I have learned how to communicate in a way that will get results.

I found out very quickly that persistence is key, especially if you are a woman in technology. You have to continuously prove you’re not too young or fragile to handle the fast pace of the tech world. I also learned to keep a relentless focus on my performance.

After many of the potential customers I was working with became Anaplan customers, I chose to become our first female Solution Architect in EMEA. It became my daily mission to help our customers in their neverending quest for the right plan, and to guide them in transitioning from spreadsheet hell to cloud heaven.

Listen and understand

In any job where you are introduced as a technology expert, working with customers can be very challenging since expectations can be high. I constantly needed to prove that I was worthy of my “expert” title—regardless of my gender. One of the best techniques I found that helped me become successful in my role was listening. It sounds so simple and obvious, but with a complex and powerful technology like Anaplan, it is important to understand our customers’ unique business processes—particularly since in the world of SaaS, customers are able to switch technologies much easier than ever before. Customer satisfaction is key to reducing attrition, and the best way to maintain this satisfaction is to start with the right solution for every customer.

At Anaplan

My career is always evolving. Anaplan’s next challenge for me is to be the Product Owner for the MS Office and Google for Work extensions. In my new role, 90 percent of my co-workers are male but I don’t feel I’m treated any differently just because of my gender. Everyone on the team relies on one another for their expertise and sound decision-making skills. The combination of my Anaplan expertise, knowledge of our customers, and my internal network are my best allies.

The reasons for why I love working at Anaplan are simple. Our culture encourages and presents employees with the opportunity to grow and explore new roles. Additionally, as a multinational company, our environment is very diverse. My coworkers are amazingly brilliant and fun, and they are all team players. I’m excited to see what the future holds and look forward to the rest of the journey.

Interested in joining Anaplan? See our Careers page for more information.

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