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People of Anaplan: Meet Bhavik Vashi

Back in early 2014—in only his second month at Anaplan—Bhavik Vashi was a bit shocked to find himself in the company boardroom, presenting planning models to the company’s C-level executives. “In that moment, I realized that I made the right decision to join this company,” he said. “And I promised myself that I would always… read more →

Who drives software purchasing—IT or business?

Jason Ambrose, Anaplan’s Vice President of Strategic Business Transformation, shares his insights into how enterprises buy software today. He and his team advise Anaplan customers on the journey to adopt connected planning across their enterprises.Who’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to software selection and purchasing in enterprises?Not long ago, I would have said… read more →

Streamlining success within banking: how connected planning boosts sales teams

“Know your customer” has long been the mantra of sales people across the globe, and it has never been more important. As Anaplan’s Chief Revenue Officer, I know how important it is to understand customer intentions. Accurate sales forecasts, cross-departmental communication, and credible data all are crucial for knowing what customers think, want, and need.With… read more →

A connected planning approach to financial services regulations

The financial services industry must comply with some of the most complex regulations in the world. By one count, banks must track an average of 200 regulatory revisions globally per day. The complexity resides in the nature of the regulatory requirements, their promulgation across jurisdictions, and the constantly changing framework they create.In the context of… read more →

An Anaplan perspective on GraphQL

With several new services and capabilities coming soon to the Anaplan platform, multiple engineering teams here have started to look at exposing service capabilities via GraphQL. It’s a different way of composing an API than REST, which is familiar, tried, and true. There must be an acre of pixels spilled about GraphQL so far, but… read more →

6 connected planning concepts from Ron Dimon of Deloitte Consulting LLP

Whether you’re planning a complex supply chain; working in financial planning and analysis (FP&A); building a sales forecast; or calculating indirect cost allocation, CAPEX, or sales incentives, connected planning with the Anaplan platform can help you succeed. But the variety of use cases Anaplan can handle also presents a challenge: Each company beginning the connected… read more →

Why financial institutions should attend Anaplan’s European Financial Services Summit

The financial services industry faces turbulent market conditions fueled by new technology, the race to digitization, constantly changing regulations, and unstable political environments. That’s why now, more than ever, the industry needs to re-invent itself and adopt a forward-looking attitude.The first step is to implement connected planning, which can be provided by a platform-based solution… read more →

bluecrux joins Anaplan partner network in Benelux

bluecrux has joined the Anaplan partner network in Benelux. A team of talented experts with a passion for business and supply chain operations, the people of bluecrux are dedicated to improving business processes and optimizing organizational performance. From concept to implementation and beyond, bluecrux aims to create durable change and sustainable business transformation in its… read more →

How Sonos improved supply chain visibility

To succeed in its ongoing quest to re-invent home audio for the digital age—yes, do try this at home!—global home sound–system leader Sonos first had to accomplish another daunting task: achieve end-to-end visibility across its global supply chain. And like Sonos, you can try this in your business, as well.For inspiration, here’s a brief overview… read more →