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A new supply chain for a new market

The supply chain of yesterday isn’t equipped to keep up with the market of today. Linear and sequential systems are quickly giving way to dynamic, interconnected, and agile platforms. Is your supply chain ready for the new market? In the new supply chain, agility is key. Speed is paramount. Responsiveness is essential. Disruptions happen and… read more →

Get prepared for the future of supply chain at Anaplan Hub

Supply chains are evolving on a daily basis. Rising consumer expectations demand a new model for retail supply chains. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a huge potential for influence. Digitization is becoming the new normal, and technologies like autonomous vehicles and cryptocurrency are affecting how supply chains operate. How can supply chain professionals keep… read more →

Using Zuul in production

In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to Zuul, tell you a little about API gateways, then dive into Spring Cloud Zuul, the specific implementation module we chose. I’ll also describe the three buckets that the various components of our implementation fall into and explain how we tune and configure them. I’ll finish by discussing… read more →

Finance fuses with innovation at this year’s Hub

This year is my first time attending Hub 2018—Anaplan’s annual connected planning conference—and, truthfully, I couldn’t be more excited about taking it all in. Customers and industry partners from around the world will gather in Las Vegas to share best practices, strategic initiatives, tips and tricks in the use of technology, and guidance on maximizing… read more →

What will the supply chain look like in 2018?

The modern supply chain is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and flexibility, agility, and responsiveness are more important than ever. Once-linear processes (planning, buying, making, and moving) are now circular and intertwined.As supply chain processes become more complicated, streamlining them is key to efficient growth. The inability to dynamically adjust and execute plans in response… read more →

Scenario planning as a virtual reality experience

The virtual reality industry reportedly crushed third-quarter records. Exceeding quarterly shipments of more than one million units, virtual reality headsets are continuing on a trajectory of increasing popularity and widening acceptance.What’s more, this simulation technology attracts the curious beyond self-professed tech geeks and basement-dwelling video game enthusiasts. A Bloomberg View article recently explored virtual reality’s… read more →