Petron Ensures Streamlined and Timely Demand Planning with Anaplan


For companies operating in the oil refinery industry it is essential to have accurate and resilient demand planning. When considering the hefty investments involved in the oil refinery business and the ongoing volatility of fuel prices, the need for modern planning processes that allow real-time changes has never been more important.

Petron, a leading Philippine oil refining and marketing company, recognized this and implemented Anaplan to innovate and simulate its national forecast and demand planning processes.

The company’s National Sales Planning team, which ensures the success of retail dealerships, replaced a system of complex, spreadsheet-based forecasting models with Anaplan’s cloud-based, in-memory platform to ensure an agile, streamlined demand planning process.

Operating an extensive retail network, Petron previously collated numerous spreadsheets manually in a seven-level approval process across 200 planners. The complexity of the process often compromised the business needs for faster decisions.

When Petron embarked on a quest to replace this spreadsheet-based process with a cloud-based platform, they took the Anaplan Challenge (this is where Anaplan will build a prototype in a matter of days, with no cost to the customer). Petron’s Reseller Trade team provided their existing demand planning data models to the Anaplan team who, in a couple of days, built the applications in Anaplan, demonstrating fully functional sample processes and reports.

Fast-forward six weeks: Anaplan’s deployment was complete, and Petron’s Reseller Trade team was fully leveraging the Anaplan platform to perform more timely and accurate forecasting for their national plan.

With Anaplan, they have connected all of their trades, around 5,000 customers, 18 sales regions, 46 sales areas and 192 routes with more than 100 products being planned, enabling them to radically reduce time and innovate their national level forecast.

We are delighted to be working with Petron to optimize their business agility to better adapt to fluctuations in oil prices, supply and demand. We look forward to sharing additional positive results from Petron’s continued use of Anaplan.

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