Rapid-Fire Q&A: Rajeev Mitroo, Our New Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand

Australia New Zealand

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the latest Anaplan DISRUPTOR – Rajeev Mitroo.


Rajeev is based out of Anaplan’s Sydney office, and he manages our growth in the Australian and New Zealand market.

We had a chance to catch up with Rajeev this week. He shared his thoughts on what joining Anaplan means to him and how he intends to spread our Disruption to others.

1.    In one word, how would you describe Anaplan?


 2.    How is Anaplan a disruptor?

Anaplan is challenging the status quo when it comes to business modelling and planning by delivering a more flexible, cost effective, user friendly platform that truly empowers business users.

3.   What most excites you about Anaplan?

The fact that we are delivering measurable business value through a truly innovative solution.

4.   Why is the market ready for a shift?

Customers have grown weary and impatient with the cost, time and lack of immediate value commonly associated with traditional systems.

5.   Why are you a disruptor?

I embrace innovation and enjoy bringing its business value to customers.

6.   Who is your favorite superhero?

Iron Man

7.   You have a teleporter that can travel to any time, anywhere – so, where to?

The moon in a hundred years.

8.   Is the book always better than the movie?

In most instances, but not all.

9.   Sun or snow?

Living in Australia with some of the world’s best beaches and waterways – it has to be the sun.

10.  What is playing on your iPod right now?

The Temper Trap

For more information on Rajeev’s addition to the Anaplan team, be sure to read our press release: Anaplan Appoints Rajeev Mitroo as Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand

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