Rolling Models Over From Forecast to Forecast – Quick Time-Saving Tips

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Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Pre-Sales

Rolling models from forecast to forecast is always a large undertaking every forecast period when working in excel. My old employer would have us take our 20 models and save them as a new version for the next forecast. Our next step would be to create an extensive macro to update the formulas and links. After all of reworking of the 20 models, we would begin analysis.


Inevitably, we incurred time out issues because the macro didn’t work on a section of accounts or wouldn’t perform the action requested (such as hiding or unhiding columns).  As those issues were discovered, we would review our 20 models to make additional updates.

This process generally took about 4-5 days for each forecast (4 times a year)

Anaplan Solution
To create the next version of the forecast in Anaplan, a user would open the versions tab and insert a new version. After inserting the new version, access the time setting and change the rollover month from actual to forecast to the correct time period (literally a click of the button).  That’s it!

Since Anaplan’s formulas automatically update and all that is needed for an Analyst to worry about is making the relevant changes to your forecast rather than monkeying with the excel spreadsheets.

Estimated Monthly time savings = 8-10 hours (30-40 hours per quarter)

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