Sales Meets Finance – Quick Time Saving Tip

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Blog post by Jill King – Anaplan Solutions Architect

If you take a look at all of the planning in your organization, it doesn’t just happen in Finance. There are likely pockets of groups all over the organization planning different aspects of the business on a regular basis, most likely in Excel or some disconnected system from Finance. Let’s take Sales for example. The Sales team generally gets a sales target for the year and needs to figure out how to achieve that goal.  This target needs to be pushed down to each territory and from there down to the sales rep to build a quota and hiring plan for the year.


What happens in a lot of organizations is the Finance team gives the sales team the overall target for the year (most likely built in Excel) and then there are several teams that take that data and utilize it in the sales organization. There is a team to take the target and allocate down to the rep to build the quota. There is a team (and maybe even a system) to take transactional data and determine commissions for the sales rep. You have all these disconnected teams across the organization, tracking sales, building reports, and analyzing the same data in different ways. 

Anaplan Solution
Anaplan allows organizations to build models that are dynamically linked to each other so that the sales team is regularly updated with the latest targets and the allocation down to the territory and down to the rep are updated as well. Not only can you create models to build the sales plan for the year but you can build a model that incorporates the credit rules and commission calculations in order to calculate the commission payments to the sales reps as the transactional data is loaded into Anaplan. The organization is able to build a Target, push it down to a territory and down to a rep to build a quota and determine gaps for staffing needs, then calculate the commission payments as the revenue is booked all in one application.  Anaplan can now close the loop from Target to Quota to commission for a full picture of the Sales Organization. This information can then flow back to Finance for use in the financial forecast and other reporting.

PS: Time Savings – many days

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